David Delthony artist's statement

For over 20 years my life has been thoroughly
intertwined with the sculptured furniture that I create
and the realization of this endeavor has taken me
from New York to West Berlin and most recently to
southern Utah. The focus of my work has always
been the dialog between ergonomics and aesthetic
values and I have tried to incorporate and balance
these in each object. It is my intention to create
functional sculptures without sacrificing artistic
values, hence the concept of sculptured furniture.

As a furniture artist I sculpt with wood, investigating interior space and defining exterior boundaries.
Simultaneously, I utilize the inherent qualities of the material and my knowledge of ergonomics to create organic
forms which engage the user through function and my personal visual language. Working within the concept and
syntax of fine furniture, I endeavor to infuse my work with an artistic sensuality, embracing visual and tactile senses
and encouraging the human contact which defines my vision as an artist.

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creating sculptured furniture

David Delthony - lamination process


The challenging process of creating "sculptured
furniture" - envisioning, laminating, chain saw
sculpting, sanding, finishing - involves demanding skills
and complex techniques. Transforming the artistic idea
into reality begins with a clay model or sketches from
which individual layers of templates evolve.

David Delthony - rough sculpting with a chain saw

Using my knowledge of woodworking gained through
my extensive training as a Master Cabinetmaker in
Germany, I carefully joint and laminate wood to create
the rough shape. Hours of chain saw sculpting,
sanding and finishing result in functional studio
furniture pieces which combine my artistic vision with
ergonomics and the highest level of craftsmanship.

David Delthony - sanding a sculptured piece

See David's work at his
studio and workshop in
Escalante, Utah


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work, specific pieces,
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