vessels and
primitive pottery

"I have always been inspired by the work of prehistoric cultures
worldwide, their techniques, symbolisms, forms of expression and the
universal language which seems to pervade their works."

archaic clay sculptures

"Moving to Escalante, Utah, from
West Berlin, Germany, gave me a

chance to study more intensely the work of
the Anasazi and Freemont Indians (earlier
cultures of the southwest) who lived here
until 1250 A.D. and whose traces you still
find in the southwest."

creating and

"To me, creating with clay means working in
a slow and contemplative way. All pottery is
hand built using coils, allowing me to fully
experience the tactile qualities of the clay.
Texture is sometimes added with corncobs,
cords, or other materials. Any decoration is
applied with mineral or organic paints.
Pieces are placed in a sawdust fueled pit fire
where they are slowly fired for up to five
days. The process creates the direct contact
between fire and earthen pottery."
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